A picture update from the ranch!


Unassembled Steelmaster building on a pallet

   The new barn….well, it will be as soon as we put it up!


New chicken laying hen house

   The Super Deluxe, exceptionally well made, designed by the egg masters Cole & Eathon ( with just a *tad* bit of help from their Dad) and put together mostly by themselves. Soon to be used for the 25 laying hens we picked up this morning.

Fall ram lamb peering guiltily over some fence

Doesn’t he look guilty? I’m not sure of what exactly….

Herd of beef on pasture

The large cow ( we call her Chocolate) for that velvety milk chocolate coat on her is the oldest matron among our herd. After not seeing a calf for a while, she was recently checked and found to be 5 months pregnant!

Cole feeding Micro the calf

Cole feeding Micro, our teeniest, tiniest calf ever. He is starting to make up in spunk what he lacks in size. So good to see them strong and healthy, as long we are not on the receiving end of that spunk.


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