What’s for Dinner?

Good afternoon. Yes, afternoon already.

It is two days post Christmas and I’m dragging myself out of the ‘relax’ mode into ‘productive’ mode.

This Christmas was just.So.RELAXING. This, in part because all of those Christmas boxes arrived, on time, to the right people and I didn’t have to call FedEx once to fix something. For me, this was true bliss.

I hope you enjoyed every morsel of those Frenched Racks, Prime Ribs, Tenderloin roasts and more. Today, however, you might be looking for that quick, get’r done dinner ( like me!)

Yummm via no. 2 pencil

Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers

1 lb of Ground beef

2 cups cooked rice, brown, white, we are NOT picky tonight

2 cloves of garlic, my recipe calls for one, but WHO uses just one?

1/2 onion, diced

1 cup red, green or yellow peppers, diced ( frozen is fine)

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 cup ( or more) of shredded cheddar

S&P to taste, plus basil, oregano and anything spicy, if you like really spicy food.


Directions: Start the rice first! That way it is nice and hot when your beef is ready. Start to saute your ground beef, onions & garlic while you dice the peppers and open that can of tomatoes. When the beef if half done, add the peppers in. Remember to check the rice, this is the part I forget… Once your beef is done,  marry the rice, beef mixture and tomatoes together. Smell that aroma and fend off all questions about ‘what’s for dinner?’. Top with cheese, serve.

Filling, healthy and simple. My kind of a get back onto schedule dinner that gets plenty of likes from the hubby and kids. Enjoy and let me know what kind of quick and simple dinner ideas you have!





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