Our Amish newlyweds neighbors moved in just a few months after purchasing the farm down the road from us and suffered a blow this past Monday, their house burned to the ground. Yesterday, today and for many days to come a variety of English and Amish neighbors, family and friends will be working to… Read More

Lambs going crazy in the warm weather. Boys are getting creative in our snow impaired winter up in the Great North. Upgrade from feeding with 5 gallon buckets. If only you could have seen how they got this pig feeder off of the dump trailer. Oh the excitement. Last but certainly not least, our Pete… Read More

We have had an amazing year. Too much to try and share all at once, so this shall be a two-parter.┬áThis year started out busy, got busier and is now, blessedly, quite quiet. Winter has been exceptionally mild. While trading tips on feeding pigs with a wizened farmer he remarks, ‘haven’t seen a winter like… Read More

The chickens *should* be done at the end of this month, we have plenty of sheds this year and will be able to position them in the correct pastures for winter. Sheep will be able to lamb quietly and with plenty of room this winter without being prodded and poke by curious cows and pigs.… Read More

It has been a long but very worthwhile road to get here. We are very happy to announce Jesse & Krista have cheese available for sale starting May 28th! You can pre-order your raw Grasse Plain goats milk cheese. You can call them at 315-322-4769 or email; grasseriverb@gmail.com to place an order or ask questions!… Read More

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