Flexibility is great, a must in fact. Our CSA season deadline ends today and while we would love to have many more we decided to pull back on the days we ship ( from 2 down to 1) and the number of shares. Heat plays a huge part, everything and everyone is more stressed during… Read More

Joy! Cows don’t stay in the fence, orders don’t come on time and kids decide to play in mud puddles right before church. While I might start steaming up and ready to boil, I’ve found it does absolutely no good. Really, even in venting it only makes me feel guilty.  Its finding joy in each and every… Read More

Today I received a call from a guy who was trying to sell us customized plastic bags….not really sure why a ranch selling meat would need these? The guy who introduced me sounded like he was either having a rough day or it was just one of many days that stretched innumerably into the future. Make… Read More

This is partly what has been keeping us busy over the past few months. It provides us warmth, cooking and entertainment. Yes, people pay for the snap, crackle and pop of a good wood fire at a romantic winter retreat on a ranch. But then… there is the non-stop fun of putting out embers jumping… Read More

We always get so excited to have the first lamb….and the last lamb arrive. The first is so unexpected, you can never tell exactly when they might arrive, the last lamb is a breath of fresh air as the lambing season has ended ( along with the late nights and early mornings) A set of… Read More

Designing a website is no piece of cake – especially if you are working long distance with someone like me. Really, I can be difficult. Thank goodness for Elisabeth, she keeps me on track and has been my mentor in many thing tech. We have been working on this all new website for our ranch… Read More

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