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January 2017 CSA Newsletter Good afternoon! Snow is falling, we are on the cusp of a new year and we have some exciting news! For this, your second share of the winter season, it is being packing tomorrow ( so please let us know ASAP what you would like) and shipped out Tuesday afternoon via… Read More

Baking Day Today is a rainy day and calls for baking, lots of it. While the guys drain rain storage barrels to collect the new rain falling, I’m grinding, mixing and filling the cook stove with firewood. The first batch of granola is in and I have a few minutes while the wheat grinds into… Read More

Feels like Spring, right?! We go between mid 50’s and well, snow. Winter may be officially over but I think he is shrugging off the bits of snow from his shoulders before he finally walks away. Enjoying the last few days of fire lit evenings, candles still glowing before the endless summer days of sunshine… Read More

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