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March 2023 CSA Newsletter Tis the season of lambs. Heavy ewes trundle about through snow, wider than ever. Then, one by one, they give up their young to the frosty exterior with its crisp air and inhospitable snow. It truly amazes me that in minutes, these little wet lambs will be up on their legs,… Read More

April 2017 Meat CSA Newsletter Good afternoon Members! Just about finished with lambing for the year. As exciting as we are to begin, by the end we are dragging ourselves to the home plate. Read more about what lambing is like below. A big THANK YOU for everyone helping us out on our lack of… Read More

March 2017 Meat CSA Newsletter Good Morning! Welcome to the Spring season! Snow is gone, trees are budding, sap is flowing and everyone is wondering; ” Is this truly spring?” We are heading up tomorrow afternoon to pick up the pork, beef & lamb for your shares ( truly as fresh as it gets!) If… Read More

      “Not according to a calendar or watch but the life cycles of the animals” Changing of another season, not according to a calendar or watch but the life cycles of the animals. The rams have been put out with the ewes with the hope of Springishness for them to be born. Time… Read More

GMO Free grains! The Hill family is awesome! Not only do they raise some amazing pork their family also grows and grinds/mixes grains into feeds for our local community farmers. Farmer to Farmer Feeds just outside of Canton, NY has made the move from GMO crops to GMO free crops and has received some great support… Read More

Last share of the Season! Please check your inbox, we have sent you a letter with info about the upcoming season, along with a three question survey. So far we are getting back AMAZING response. Great ideas and suggestions to improve our ranch! Is it January over, already? Also, while many of you down south… Read More

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