67 CSA shares and 27 orders were sent out this week. We put bales out for the beef and sheep, twice. Cut up two chickens to make various dinners with and made my very first homemade stock out of the chicken backs and tons of veggies ( I’m in love).

The Shepherd and our two boys took a routine run to check fence and prune more apple trees. Their ATV caught fire. Snow was used to put it out!

Lots of snow


We’ve traipsed half way across our ( very large) county to drop off said ATV and he called tonight to say it was fixed, yay!

More calves and lambs were born & homemade granola was attempted – THREE TIMES without luck. Tomorrow, for sure. Patience has its virtues.


Spring frustration has set in deep. Being on the cusp of spring can be an uncomfortable time. Plan have been made, tools gathered, projects plotted. Then you sink knee deep in snow/mud and realize, your gonna have to sit tight.

Not so fast…

SO….how was your week?!