Pork Shoulder Steak

Kassandra says: "My husband lays claim to this dish that sounds very strange, but tastes out of this world.
He offered to cook lunch (when can you say no to a man willing to work in the kitchen for you??) and came up with this dish!"

Fully thawed pork shoulder steak (use as much as you need, but the meat should fit comfortably in a pan without overlapping)
3/4 c pink lemonade (from concentrate is fine)

Heat a medium-heavy pan till it is just about ready to start smoking. (No need to add any type of fat to your pan as the shoulder steak has extra!)

Place your fully thawed steak in the pan and sear on both sides until a nice light brown.
And now for the unusual part: Add 3/4 cup of pink lemonaide (we use the frozen concentrate, diluted as it still has some of the pulp in it) and let simmer until the liquid is mostly simmered away.

You may need to turn the heat down so you do not burn the steak.
(Rumour has it that the same amount of coke or ginger ale will make a great steak as well!)

This is a great steak to serve with a hot baked potato and huge salad!

(serves as many as you're cooking for!)

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