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The most important part about cooking with any grass-fed meat is the cooking time.

It may take to 40% less time than for 'regular' meat.
That means: If you were to normally grill a steak for about 10 minutes, you would want to pull the grass-fed steaks off at around 6 minutes to check to see if they are done.

The reason the cooking time is so drastically different lies in the fat content of the meat.

  • Grass-fed meat has less fat (and fewer calories) and therefore needs less time to cook.
  • It means less wasted fat in your drip pan and less heat wasted that is required to melt that fat.
  • You will be able to prepare tasty, tender, flavorful meals while wasting less and enjoying more!

Here are a few tips to remember when cooking or grilling with our cuts:

  • Remember the time. Even a few minutes overcooking can really dry out ( and toughen) your meat, especially the smaller cuts.
  • Cook with moisture. Add water, broth, butter, oil and cover your cuts to keep in the tenderness!
  • Expect the meat to have texture. Our meat will not have the flabby, fat texture of conventional cuts but is real meat - just like your grandparents ate!
  • To grill, sear outside of steaks at a high heat to keep juices in, finish cooking using a lower heat.
  • We recommend cooking pork to an internal temp of between 140-150F ( USDA recommends 160-170F )
  • We recommend cooking lamb to an internal temp of between 120-145F ( USDA recommends 145-170F )
  • We recommend cooking beef to an internal temp of between 120-140F ( USDA recommends 145-170F )

(For a wonderful in depth look at the health benefits of eating grass fed meats, visit Eat Wild!)

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