today we have a few falling however as far as winter goes this one has been a peach! New Year’s day we were looking out at bare green pastures, the sheep and beef were looking longingly out at the fields wanting to graze. Would have loved to let them out but they would have really… Read More

A new year and a new website! Our winter is literally flying by us, spring will be here soon with the new babies in tow. Check us out on Facebook for updates on what we and our animals are up to. We have been busily cutting wood and feeding wood stoves, putting bale after bale out… Read More

and other sundry items.  Cleaning in of itself  is not exactly exciting, enthralling or much reveled in….but the effects are amazing! Today I cleaned the chicken pen out and it is ready for our lovely silver laced wyandottes. As I was taking out all the lovely compost, nitrogen rich and waiting to fertilize some patch… Read More

Hello and welcome to the News Page of 8 O’clock Ranch! It will probably take us a little while to get sorted, but we’ll let you know when we’re up and running. See you soon! — 8 O’clock Ranch News