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Family, food, more food, lots of laughter…… a few friendly ( or maybe not so friendly) games of checkers. We would be snuggling in by the wood stove but today is a beautiful 55F out and I’m pretty sure a family walk is in order! From our family to yours, we wish you the very best!  

My book review of the Dirty Life – Loved it! Often books are recommend to me and while they are doing so I am thinking, “when?” This book though, was more like savoring really good chocolate on a cold day in front of a fire, an hour long massage after an incredible meal. I tried… Read More

I think not. After two glorious weeks of vacation the biggest wow! was simply that in another 10 years, we could retire. Who would want that? For these first ten, the Shepherd & I have simply been trying to keep up with it all. The very concept of taking an entire two week/14 days/336 hours off is… Read More

Grasse River B Ranch will be doing the second annual open house in Madrid on September 29th from 10am to 4pm. We moved it up a month, hopefully it won’t be as chilly as last year! We will be there to enjoy the cheese tasting ( all kinds!), coffee and donuts and the kids will… Read More

Maybe we will get an Indian summer, also known as a super long fall, my favorite season. Love the temps, not to hot nor too cold. Perfect days for pumpkin pie and hot cups of coffee. A good book is made even better and playing outside in the setting sun can be magical. Looking towards… Read More

What sacrifices do you make to be able to eat our meat? While at the Farmer’s market Friday a lady picked out a couple of packages of Boneless Chicken Breasts and I tallied the total for her. She was taken back and asked the price per pound, at $8.99/lb it wasn’t cheap. I’m with her….I… Read More

It will be 10 years officially on October 15th. Back then, we had far out plans; 5, 10 and 15 year goals. They have been, for the most part, shattered. We are pretty happy about that. 2001 – Man marries girl and we are expecting! He buys girl a puppy to keep her company during… Read More

There here! We made the call at 2pm and talked with Celine who gave the go ahead to come ” hatching went well!” Off we went, Eathon and I on our trip to Watertown, of course as we with any trip, we had a few stops. Tractor Supply for 4 chicken waterers, a stop for… Read More

On a totally different note we were brought to a dead stop about two weeks a month ago ( I was scared to post this, had to work up my courage) when our processor was shut down but the USDA. Yup, you read that right! Tom explained that a pig they were to kill did not go… Read More

  Our Amish newlyweds neighbors moved in just a few months after purchasing the farm down the road from us and suffered a blow this past Monday, their house burned to the ground. Yesterday, today and for many days to come a variety of English and Amish neighbors, family and friends will be working to… Read More

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