I think not.

After two glorious weeks of vacation the biggest wow! was simply that in another 10 years, we could retire. Who would want that?

For these first ten, the Shepherd & I have simply been trying to keep up with it all. The very concept of taking an entire two week/14 days/336 hours off is amazing. Now, you have to remember, the payments to us stop. No holiday pay, no vacation pay, NO income. Nothing stopped however; animals kept on eating, bills kept on a’comin and boy did everyone EAT!  We made it through. Everything is paid and we are oh SO very happy to have orders waiting for us this week though 🙂

While sitting and twiddling the day away, ( ha!) OK, more accurately, while splitting and stacking wood we had time to discuss, reminisce, plan, dream, dream some more….. it was fun. It has never stopped being fun for us! What shocked me is, our two boys, Eathon ( 10) and Cole (9) are growing up, FAST. The next ten years will include them more and more. Their voice, input, desires, plans. They both have ideas and dreams, have an egg business and are two of the most generous tight wads I know. They will give you just about anything but once a dollar goes in the bank – woe for that dollar as it will never see the light of day again. More seriously, we want to have them take the wagon by the reins ( or whatever that saying is) and not be the old foagies hanging on for grim death. If this is what they desire, go for it.

The skies the limit. We should know.


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