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  Two chicks telling secrets. November 2016 CSA Newsletter Thanksgiving is the next holiday, and that brings Fall to a close…. Your very last Fall share is being shipped Monday, let us know if you have any special requests for your share – we are packing these tomorrow! Also, thank you so much for renewing… Read More

                              Our three breeding rams, chilling. Did everyone enjoy their first share of Fall? Hoping to keep the goodness coming your way! It takes pretty much all month to plan and prep for each distro. From knowing how many members there… Read More

Hi Ya’ll, I’m Maddie. I was recently asked by 8 O’ Clock Ranch if I wanted to take on the title of “Social media manager” for their business. My  Aunt was continuously getting busier with other things on the Ranch and decided that it was time to start teaching someone else what she does. My first… Read More

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