Two chicks telling secrets.

November 2016 CSA Newsletter

Thanksgiving is the next holiday, and that brings Fall to a close…. Your very last Fall share is being shipped Monday, let us know if you have any special requests for your share – we are packing these tomorrow!

Also, thank you so much for renewing your share for the Winter season, we had 98% renewal rate, which is unheard of. You guys are amazing, thank you!

John, Kassandra, Eathon & Cole



Our Steelmaster shed is up! It took a zillion bolts ( only slightly kidding) and all of our fingers are just a bit sore, SO worth it though… And already being used for storage. Amazing how quickly a building that you never had suddenly becomes filled. The old main barn is getting its annual cleaning, the mini skid steer will do most of it and we will pitch the rest. So much nicer to do with when the weather is a bit cooler, the bouquet can be quite pungent. All that lovely muck will be piled on the compost pile and will cook all winter and hopefully be ready to spread on the fields by next year as lovely dark compost.

The ‘get ready for winter’ list seems to be expanding as we keep hearing stories that *this* winter is going to be that kind of winter. One of the almanacs is saying, February shall see three weeks of -40F. We shall see! In the meantime though, we think about making sure we have protection from wind and sleet, a way to keep frozen water drinkable, and that the hens keep on a layin’, cause ain’t nobody going to ‘skip breakfast’ when it is that cold.

Despite the lack of rain, it has been a superb year. Just going through pictures of various fields and seeing what moving herbivores from one area to another does to the overall health is amazing. I’m excited to see what our pasture will do next year, hopefully with a more normal rainfall.



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