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My name is Dan Huntley. I am the 6th generation to live and manage what has become Huntley Farms. The 1st generation was born in 1791, descended from Canada in 1816, and has the first recorded deed to our current property in 1835. The farm house we live in today was built in 1835. Most… Read More

Walls going up, windows framed in, have we mentioned how much we love ICF blocks?? Bracing along the left side keeps the wall plumb, also used as a walk way for workers.                    Trusses going up! In front of you in the installed walk-in freezer door! Trussed… Read More

8  O’ c l o c k  R a n c h  CSA  N e w s l e t t e r:    October 3rd 2013 Fall just keeps giving!   Our newest calf born a couple of weeks ago. I’ve yet to hear of anyone who has complained from sunny days, colorful trees, light breezes and… Read More

Ok….totally off subject. I LOVE ice cream. Our family continues to improve our diet and one of the staples treats that we really enjoy is ice cream. We searched…..and searched and found more junk ingredients; High Fructose Syrup, Carrageenan, Propylene glycol ( AKA=antifreeze) than we ever imagined. How can you take a simple ice cream… Read More

8  O’ c l o c k  R a n c h  CSA  N e w s l e t t e r:    August 31st 2013 Welcome New & Returning Members!   Just a few days before the ingredients arrive! We are pretty excited about the upcoming few months, a few new changes to our CSA (… Read More

Uri Attia is a personal chef in NYC who loves food. How do we know this? Well, he is is obviously passionate….. Anyone who would haul 600lbs up three flights has GOT to be dedicated. He contacted us several years ago wanting to try our beef. Little did we know how much we would… Read More

The cool winds of fall have blown through our little St. Lawrence valley. Hints of golden, amber and red leaves are starting the dust the trees and this only makes the ranchers bustle faster. A midst all of the bounty of summer are the ‘we only have so many hours in a day’. Thus, those… Read More

The yellow fluffy kind….. Two weeks old,  still some fluff but feathers are starting to appear. Their brooding house steams from all the small, hot peeps in the early morning coolness, scaring us a bit as it looks like it is on fire! Two more weeks and they will be big enough to send out… Read More

Easter was a last minute kind of special meal that we have perfected. Everyone was pretty exhausted from Spring’s inevitable rush of breakdowns, delays and mistakes. On Friday while recalling the past week(s) the desire to really celebrate newness, refreshment and resurrection came suddenly. Calls to family were made and meal plans were created from… Read More

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