The cool winds of fall have blown through our little St. Lawrence valley. Hints of golden, amber and red leaves are starting the dust the trees and this only makes the ranchers bustle faster. A midst all of the bounty of summer are the ‘we only have so many hours in a day’. Thus, those carrots that were fresh and crisp are now droopy, the cabbage has seen better days, the celery is browning and we are overwhelmed looking at how much more needs to be done. So, this morning I took stock and decided to make some. Chicken backs that I threw in the freezer after cutting the meat off are popped in a huge pot along with all the wilting produce and will simmer slowly for hours. Those carrots that hit the cookstove top? I call them ‘caramelized’, wink, wink. As for throwing everything but the kitchen sink….sometimes I think it would be easier to just use the sink itself. No pot that I own is large enough to do all that we desire.

After losing the last batch of stock, (tried to hot bath can it.) Did.Not.Work. Really disappointing, this time we are going to freeze it in small containers and then pop it in freezer bags. Easier to access and use.

So…I’m dreaming of all the uses of awesome, nutritious, amazing homemade stock. Try it some time and try NOT to fall in love.

Results of stock making….


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