Shipping Building 2013

Foundation pad with edges dug to place ICF blocks

Shipping Building

Huge granite chunks from the ranch were used to edge foundation

Shipping Building

Newly delivered ICF blocks

Building footer 001

Rebar & mesh down, partial floor insulation.

Building footer 005

Lots and lots of rebar, we live in a windy area!

Building footer 008

More tiny bits of granite to hold up the rebar, cute – right!

Pouring footer 001

Cement truck is here!

Pouring footer 005

Spreading the cement, looks a ton easier than it is!

Pouring footer 004

I think I have a hole in my boot….

Pouring footer 007

First smooth out – it actually is starting to look like a floor!

Pouring footer 010

Half done….do I hear another cement truck already!

Pouring footer 013

Amazing to see the different layers.

Pouring footer 016



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