On a totally different note we were brought to a dead stop about two weeks a month ago ( I was scared to post this, had to work up my courage) when our processor was shut down but the USDA. Yup, you read that right!

Tom explained that a pig they were to kill did not go down when it was stunned, it was quickly stunned again and when it did not go down, they ran to the other room for the gun and killed it quickly. The USDA inspector shut them down with the reason of ‘response time was too slow’. Tom was pretty upset, the USDA had approved them keeping the gun off the kill floor itself because of safety and now shut them down because it was? What he hated most was that someone had brought in an injured animal to kill and it sat out there for at least two days ( again USDA requirements!) instead of being killed and yet if you ask them, the USDA does not allow inhumane treatment. Ugghhhhh! I appreciate that we have requirement for humane treatment, cleanliness, etc. but what I do not appreciate is there lack of common sense nor their appreciation for who they are dealing with. Tom, John, Jeff and everyone up there LOVE animals, they are not abusive, if anyone spoke with the truck drivers they would get nothing but good remarks about how they handle the animals. No shock prods or loud yelling, from anyone.

The biggest shock to us is how close we are to not having a business. That is it really, this is the only legal way we have of getting our meat from our field to you. If Tri-Town was to shut down, stop USDA inspections the next nearest location is 3 to 6 hour transit, not something we would consider, for our animals or us. I really hope that this doesn’t sound like a rant but more information about this ‘other’ side of life and what we face.

*UPDATE* Tri-Town was re-opened after three days of being closed, we are VERY happy! Thank you everyone for your prayers and comments, we will keep you all up to date if there is anything that can be done to help!


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