What sacrifices do you make to be able to eat our meat? While at the Farmer’s market Friday a lady picked out a couple of packages of Boneless Chicken Breasts and I tallied the total for her. She was taken back and asked the price per pound, at $8.99/lb it wasn’t cheap. I’m with her….I too would have probably said, thanks but no thank you. At least not for right now. Our ‘season’ of life is the we have ‘two-almost-teenagers-who-do-nothing-but-eat‘ stage and we just couldn’t afford Filet Mignon and Boneless Breasts!

Instead, whole chicken would be purchased and savored. Someday….I could afford the boneless breasts without boning out the chicken myself.  In what way do you sacrifice money, time or other foods or items so you can feed your family well?


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