Maybe we will get an Indian summer, also known as a super long fall, my favorite season. Love the temps, not to hot nor too cold. Perfect days for pumpkin pie and hot cups of coffee. A good book is made even better and playing outside in the setting sun can be magical. Looking towards September, we are taking some vacation! Time for some traveling and spending some time with the boys with no distractions. The dates that you will not be able to reach us are September 8th through the 22nd.

Apple pie, ready for the oven

After July’s MEGA list obliteration ( we totally demolished a list of ‘big jobs’ ) August was spent more in consideration and planning. We know that we are reaching pretty much the peak of what we can do ourselves without going totally crazy ( The judge is out on at least partial craziness). So….the next plan is a permanent building for the walk-in we currently have plus a larger one which help us immensely! This means loads of gravel need to be ordered, cement to be poured, pricing on trusses and all kinds of stuff I’ve never heard of. Can I say….I’m SO excited! For the past 7 years we have used a woodshed that originally had sand floors, we converted it to our shipping shed with a cement floor and a walk in freezer to replace 6 big chest freezers. The only problem is this building ( connected to the house) is slowly shifting off the non existent foundation and we FREEZE during winter. Some days we will go out and pack a few orders and rush inside to warm up. New place will have a stove….come grab a cup of coffee and piece of pie ( God willing, in a year or less!)

Shipping Shed plans!


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