There here! We made the call at 2pm and talked with Celine who gave the go ahead to come ” hatching went well!” Off we went, Eathon and I on our trip to Watertown, of course as we with any trip, we had a few stops. Tractor Supply for 4 chicken waterers, a stop for work pants, a few groceries and finally chicks! We were close to closing time so instead of the 500 that we order, Celine piles in an extra 100 or so. We lose count as the peeping gets much louder….the truck is lined with small boxes each holding about 70 chicks. They will stay warm, crowding close on our long trip back to Madrid. Slowing down in the small towns that dot the main route back home, we laugh wondering what the people walking along think when they here a truck pulling up to the stop light and 600 chicks start loudly peeping their discontent with slowing down.

They are fun, noisy, but oh so cute.


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