today we have a few falling however as far as winter goes this one has been a peach! New Year’s day we were looking out at bare green pastures, the sheep and beef were looking longingly out at the fields wanting to graze. Would have loved to let them out but they would have really damaged the ground as it was so soggy. Just imagine your kids walking around your house 500 times and you get the effect, mud everywhere.

Our temps for winter are usually anywhere from 20 above to 20 below and we can spend weeks hovering around 0F with no let up. So this morning, “to get me going” my dear, dear husband said  ” lets go out and chop that pile of wood outside and stack it”.  I enjoy watching a pile of logs turn into a nice neat stack of wood – but at 5:30 in the morning? Out we did troop ( 10F) feeling just a bit crazy. He had his headlamp and sawed, I split and we both stacked.

Truly, this is what we both enjoy.


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