“If my ranch doesn’t have the meat I want, we ain’t cooking this week.”

Michael H. responding to a friend asking why they just won’t ‘go shop at the store’.

Why are you here? If you are like our family; you want to eat better, feel better and invest in your health now – instead of paying for the lack of it later! We would love to be ‘your ranch’.

Our hard work pays off in nutrient dense, humanely & ethically raised meat & poultry that is devoid of pesticides, herbicide, GMO’s, and the ‘organic’ stamp of approval.

How about ‘you certified’? We want to be friends, transparent, and if you have a question, you can give us a call. You can visit this ranch, we would love to see you! Videos will be posted, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, we post as often as we can.

Our CSA works simply, you decide how much meat/poultry your family needs per month, or every other month. Then decide what mix you want. All beef, or beef, pork & chicken? Add some lamb, or extra cuts so you can be sure to get them. You are billed monthly and can change it up anytime.

Want to save 10% and invest? Try becoming an Investor and use it towards anything ( except for Buying in Bulk – Custom Sides) where the savings are already there. If you invest $500, you get a 10% credit on top. You can then use your $550 anytime. Order as you normally would and we will keep you updated on your balance.


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