What is Beyond Organic?

SO many labels… and what do they mean? to you or to the officials who created them? We consider ourselves to be “Beyond Organic”.  We have found what is allowed under ‘USDA Organic‘ are chemicals and methods we ourselves have found unnecessary and unhelpful to healthy soil and animals. In choosing this, the burdensome paperwork and fees associated for this certification are saved and that savings passed onto you the consumer.  Instead we want you to feel happy and reassured with what we do.

I know, lots of people put a lot of faith in organic, but with the continual lowering of standards by NSOB despite the signatures/comments of over 86,000 requesting they don’t.  Animal welfare rules are being thrown out ( not that they really existed in a way we thought was ‘good.’)

Grass fed beef on lush pasture!

Medication & Intervention;  We don’t use medication, period. Antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides or hormone treatment. Homeopathic remedies are used for injury or illness but our main goal is for that to never happen.  By fostering soil health, the grasses are more nourishing to the animals, keeping everything balanced and healthy.

Diet; Our cattle and sheep are pastured on native grasses and legumes that benefit from the movement and fertilizer they provide. During winter, they have green baled ‘haylage‘ that is from certified organic fields. Our pigs and chickens pasture on the grass and can eat, free choice, locally raised GMO free grains. We use Sea Kelp, Fertrell minerals and as much cool, clean water as they desire.

We believe in eating vegetables, fruits and meats that are raised cleanly and without the use of ‘alternative methods’. Instead of a marketing ploy, this is just how we eat and from the excesses of our harvest, we get to share it all with you!

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  1. Lynn Klein says:

    I really like the “Beyond Organic” as a label. You folks are doing a great job, and the growth of your operation is a joy and a confirmation that following Nature’s rules will bring rewards.

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