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December 2016 CSA Newsletter

Welcome to the Winter Season! We are so excited about this winter, it is starting off with such promise.

For your very first share of the winter season, it is being packing tomorrow and shipped out Monday afternoon via FedEx. You should get a tracking number for your box emailed to you when I print the label. If you have any questions about your delivery, please email or call me.

Just a reminder, one of the bonuses to being members is you get first crack at a few pounds of the following; marrow bones, fat ( beef & pork), and organ mean (heart, liver and tongue.) Let us know if you want any. Also, below is the share options, feel free to ask for anything different, if we can do it for you, we will. We hope you enjoy everything and welcome your feedback!

Oh, one more thing! If you are looking for something special for Christmas or New Year Day, we have Beef Tenderoins, Standing Rib Roast, Frenched Rack of Lamb, Boneless Lamb Loins, Boneless Pork Loins and a few more items. Let us know and we can send them along with your shares, free shipping!

John, Kassandra, Eathon & Cole



The brand new lambing shed is almost finished and ready to fill with fresh bedding and jugs ( small maternity pens) for the younger mothers and their lambs. There are two new calves on the ground, with more coming soon. The pig barn is nearing completion and will give them the much needed extra room to get out of the winter weather and….. hay, hay is being brought in by the truckload. It all speaks of abundance, something that any farmer/rancher will get a flush of pleasure from. We hope you winter is filled with such abundance.

Yesterday as we were screwing steel siding to the shed, amidst laughter and jokes, I watched the two bulls ‘playing’, a calf nearly as big as its mother still nursing while she ate hay, the sheep were laying out in the sunshine soaking up the heat, the dogs were getting under foot and into trouble. I wonder, how long before this will be the normal for families and animals once again. I watch Eathon and Cole visit with other young boys and girls who come to the ranch and I honestly feel bad for them. So many of them would love to spend the day, the week or a lifetime digging in and working on and with the earth. There is something about dirt, sweat and good, honest work the reaches deep within us and satisfies some craving. Pondering this and dreaming

Meat & Poultry CSA Share


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