Morning Musings

This was yesterday’s view from my desk. A few months ago I shared my angst with John ( feeling emotional that day) of things I wanted to write, yet our office is a revolving door of family, friends, neighbors, deliverymen, customers, dogs, and sometimes, even a bird ( concussing themselves on the window to my office.) He created this tiny nook in the warmth of our home and I am delighted in it.

Scenic Nant Gwynant valley in western Wales. PHOTOGRAPH BY JIM RICHARDSON

We have been watching quite a bit of farming videos on YouTube lately. Spoiler alert; when farmers are not ‘actively farming to the point of exhaustion’, we enjoy a good time by watching others farm. Been to the silent cold of Taiga to the warm hills of France, the rather depressing sites of almost abandoned small homestead plots in Turkey, a breathtaking Kalyeeda Station in Australia training up the next generation using primarily horses and my very favorite, a Welsh Farm that Cammy from the Sheep Game interviewed. Gareth shared a saying “Lle i enaid gael llonydd” – a place where my soul finds peace.

This is the feeling that I have had no words to explain. This life, the way we live it, we are not trying to escape. Our vacations look different in that we are not headed to warmer climes to escape the cold, but embrace it, with each other. My heart has finally settled, and my soul finds peace in this land, with these people, in Him alone.


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