Recycling Our Shipping Boxes

Figuring out a way to recycle our shipping boxes has been something on our mind for years! So, without further ado…..

Return a Box Program

  1. After you empty the shipping box of your order, find a book, DVD or CD that you would like to donate to our local library and include it in the shipping box ( please keep all packing material, liner, gel packs within the box – we want those items back!)
  2. Include your name in the box on a slip of paper – please do not write on the exterior of the box!
  3. Bring it to your local Post Office and ship using Media Mail ( they may ask if you have a book, DVD or CD included.) The postage should be between $2-4.
  4. Once we receive your box, your name will be noted. We try to check on every order, but if you can mention your credit, it helps us remember to apply it!


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