Shipping Schedule for 2024!

As we live in a very remote area of New York it takes a full day for UPS to just get your orders to ‘civilization’, aka Albany, NY. During the summer we drive your orders to the Albany UPS shipping hub and from there it typically arrives the next day to most of you! This way your meat stays in perfect shape until you receive it, especially in the extra toasty summer weather.

    Expected Shipping weeks;

  • Shipping April 1st – Orders due by March 30th
  • Shipping April 30th – Orders due by April 27th
  • Shipping May 28th – Orders due by May 25th
  • Shipping June 25th – Orders due by June 22nd
  • Shipping July 30th – Orders due by July 27th
  • Shipping Aug. 27th – Orders due by Aug. 24th
  • Shipping Sept. 24th – Orders due by Sept. 21st

Grab one of our Free Shipping* Meat Boxes, or pick exactly what you want with our Individual Cuts, join and get your monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly CSA Shares, and don’t forget the Maple Syrup, and Snacks! Order at least a week before the shipping week and we will pull, pack, and invoice you. If we run out of something, we will contact you. Bulk orders for a beef or pig (half or whole) will take additional time, so order ahead to fill your freezer!

Your order will ship and tracking info will be emailed with the exact date to expect those happy boxes to arrive on your door.

Grass fed beef on lush pasture!

Lush pasture!


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