The move is happening. Prepping is in full force. Plans for a shipping ‘area’ have been mulling ( like fine cider) in our brains for years,  literally. To think, it is hopefully going to happen this SPRING is hard to fully grasp. So, for now, I prep.  Less paper, less redundant phone calls because our website isn’t up to date, smoother ordering to filling to shipping. Recently, we gave up ALL paper invoices, yikes! The new Wave invoices are awesome, we simply email you your invoice the day we ship. Which means you know what is coming in your box even earlier. As for the invoice, you can choose to save it, print it or delete. I can now manage income/expense in real time, yippee! I love the loss of paper being used, my office space keeps getting more compact, which considering its also our living room is nice!


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