September CSA Newsletter

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Cole petting Micro, the teeniest beef calf
Welcome to the first share of the Fall CSA! September doesn’t feel very fall-ish….yet. The peak of summer has been reached and we are feeling threads of fall, tendrils of fog in the early mornings, bringing all that is quiet.

After a summer chock-full of building, moving animals to new pastures, upgrading the laying hens house, collecting soil samples, filling mineral feeders and daily checks on all of the animals as they range far and wide, the light at the end of our tunnel is snow, ice and wind.

Our winters are legendary and prepping for them becomes all consuming and something I LOVE.

Truly, we are like kids being tucked in after a long day of playing in mud pies, exhausted and replete.

How about you? Do you dread the end of summer or look forward to slower cooked meals, candles, and probably a schedule.

Remember, we are shipping the day after Labor Day. You also have the option of having it shipped this week or the week after, just email me!

Our Month

      Again, a very dry start and then….rain, and more rain. A lovely 2″ fell again last week within a 24 hour period and every few days since, more small rain shower. The pastures were starting to show stress with brown, dry patches with very little regrowth. Those same pastures are now springing back with abundance, thick and full of all the lovely clover that the animals love so well.

Just finished another animal sort, taking the largest steers, checking on weights and ‘finish’ ( the amount of fat cover) they have.

Some steers ( definition = boy beef who have been ‘clipped’ to keep them from breeding the lady beef) are smaller with better fat cover, it means that they may still grow larger but they have started putting fat instead of needing it entirely for growth. Other steers will be large and lanky, taking longer to get that nice finish that means they are ready to harvest.

We sorted out eight and they do look lovely. For the next month, it will be the very best pasture + the very best dry hay for them.

The new beef/sheep barn is here. All on one pallet. EVERYONE has said that there is no way that a 30’x48′ building will fit on one pallet. We shall see when it goes up. Waiting on one more quote for the cement work and to see if we get the green light to finish this before winter. I’m really, really hoping it does happen. The number of animals ( beef, chickens, pigs, sheep) that are here are astonishing. When I consider that many of them will be having babies over the winter, the extra room will be very handy to have.

For more pictures of our month, visit our blog here.

Disassembled Steelmaster building on pallet
Whole raw chicken with lemon, garlic and herbs

CSA Share Options

These are for our most popular share, the Half Mixed. If you have a Full Mixed, we usually double the quantities. If you have another share ( half beef, half pork, etc. they will be different than what is below). Your first month of choices are below,

We have some grilling cuts in this months share, and if you need more ground bee, 1/4# patties, sausages or anything else for a party just let us know and we will send along with your share!

September Option 1 for Half Mixed
(Click here to choose this one)

Bone-in Pork Roast ( Shoulder or Ham)
Ground Beef OR Ground Lamb
Kielbasa, Bacon OR Pork Stew/Kabob
Beef Stew OR Lamb Shoulder Steak
Boneless Pork Chops
Top Round OR Sandwich Steak
Sirloin OR Sirloin Tip Steak
NY Strip, Ribeye, Filet Mignon OR Lamb Chops

September Option 2 for Half Mixed
(Click here to choose this one)

Beef Roast ( BI or BL Chuck)
Ground Beef OR Ground Lamb
Ground Pork OR Sausage/Links
Bacon OR Hot Dogs (Jalepeno & Cheddar or All Beef)
Bone-in Pork Chops
Sandwich Steak
Sirloin OR Sirloin Tip Steak
T-bone, Rib or Porterhouse Steaks


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