Today we spent several hours cleaning one room of ‘Summer piles’. The ones that I tell the boys, “just pop that over on that table, I will get to that later.”  Well, today we started in on those piles. Homeschooling starts for real in just two weeks so I have that time to de-clutter, both our home and hopefully, my brain.

Just finished making an awesome batch of salsa with Eathon & Cole last night. I was following two recipes and blending the parts I wanted out of both. Sometimes that can produce a dud, but it was a total winner, hot but not too hot, juicy with plenty of tomatoey punch and just delicious. We’ve already made our way through the first jar…. Another batch better happen soon.

Pretty dish of salsa and chips

Defrosted our two chest freezers, sorted the old veggies and fruit towards the top, inventoried everything. Finished the two fridges as well, yuck. Not my favorite job, unless of course they are sparkling clean and that just never seems to happen! I love them now though, all that hard work and I can grab anything easily.

Meal planning just got easier. My goal for this winter is to shop less, a lot less.

hate immensely dislike trudging through muddy snow piles to get groceries and then unloaded and inside. After all, with all of this purging we are doing I should have tons of room to store that toilet paper, extra office paper and some blue corn chips to go with the salsa and cheese while we watch the snow fall.


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