It is late, and I was *suppose* to be in bed at least an hour ago.  Alas, my brain storms during these quiet evenings. The Shepherd will hopefully be home soon and I will be happy to go snuggle and fall asleep. He took a second job a month after the USDA pulled out of Tri-Town. It has been a blessing to have a second paycheck coming in, covering several times when cash flow was not covering the ranch. Also, it has allowed the guys ( Eathon 13 & Cole 12) to step up and be the ‘men of the ranch’ while dad is away. Took some adjusting, mostly of my badstinky, less than amazing attitude of having him away. Talk about needing a pacifier…..oh dear. We all got to step up in and in turn, learn a bit more in different areas.

Shopping….have I told you how much I love to shop? Just not at malls, grocery stores, malls, big convenience stores or malls. Give me a thrift store, some second hand place, even a junk shop is neat. Farmer’s markets, especially in another whole country ( It isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds, Canada is only 20 minutes from us.). Went raspberry picking in little place just south of Ottawa with my sister-in-law, just in the nick of time. Between finishing up processing the last of the chickens and her going back to her home to visit with family, we had to squeeze it in. Now, those ruby gems are happily sitting in our freezer awaiting a yucky grey day to make a special appearance.

Hubby is home! Off to sleep land, goodnight.

Ruby gems


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