Today I received a call from a guy who was trying to sell us customized plastic bags….not really sure why a ranch selling meat would need these? The guy who introduced me sounded like he was either having a rough day or it was just one of many days that stretched innumerably into the future. Make call, introduce product, hope to make a sale and all for what? A paycheck to be sure, perhaps a promotion down the road however it just did not seem as though this guys heart was into selling me his plastic bags. What I regret is ending the call with  “we don’t really use plastic bags” and instead ask him,  “how is your day? do you enjoy your work? if not, why not go and realize you dream,” whatever one he might have and go for it.  A phone call like that brings me to my knees in thankfulness of what we are doing, me personally, my husband, our kids. We are living our dream.

So, if you ever hear me griping, remind me of this.


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