Grasse River B goats grazing in early morning

Grasse River B goats grazing in early morning

The chickens *should* be done at the end of this month, we have plenty of sheds this year and will be able to position them in the correct pastures for winter. Sheep will be able to lamb quietly and with plenty of room this winter without being prodded and poke by curious cows and pigs. The cows and pigs will share quarters as they seem to enjoy each others company! Sheep shearing before breeding will be done in early September and the final push to clean and close up shop will start. Thankfully we are SO much farther ahead than ever before. It has got us to thinking of fun things we would love to do at some point.

One of them has been a ranch and farm tour, we would love to show you where all the lovely Huntley beef is, our ranch with it variety of critters, Jesse & Krista’s place with there show stopping goats ( seen above) and cheese and top the day off with a cook out. Something in the Fall, when we have time to relax and enjoy ourselves! It seems to be a way of fighting back against the tide of Ag-gag laws trying to be passed in a variety of states. These gag laws would make it illegal to take pictures or footage of barns, animals, etc. This is CRAZY! It use to be a source of great pride, the animals and fields that made a farmer or rancher who he was. So, dreaming, thinking, planning. Let me know if you have any great ideas!


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