Flexibility is great, a must in fact. Our CSA season deadline ends today and while we would love to have many more we decided to pull back on the days we ship ( from 2 down to 1) and the number of shares. Heat plays a huge part, everything and everyone is more stressed during heat. Our walk-in loves to run, run, run to stay cold. Cows, sheep and pigs all are looking for cool places and just enough food to keep them going – not really ideal for the best of meat. So, we have cut back and what is amazing is our lovely customers are great at being flexible too! You have ordered more during the winter and spring, taken your shares in one lump and overall just planned on helping us to go with the seasons not against them. For many reasons this helps us to keep our costs low, quality and service high ( cause now we have time to do other stuff!) like chickens. Which we plan on doing a lot of….that is if the weather will cooperate!

our chickens from last year!

So, don’t forget to sign up for the CSA today, or wait and we will have the order form for chickens ready soon!


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