cute little lambs

Joy! Cows don’t stay in the fence, orders don’t come on time and kids decide to play in mud puddles right before church. While I might start steaming up and ready to boil, I’ve found it does absolutely no good. Really, even in venting it only makes me feel guilty.  Its finding joy in each and every one of these circumstances that has been the challenge of late. Crazy!? you say, I know. However, it has been amazing the small things you can become thankful for and the joy that is shared with those around you and it comes back to me. The cows getting out? They were quickly gotten back in, no injuries, they thought it was a fun bit of naughtiness. Orders not coming through….gave us some time to plan and prepare for when it did come. They say for every minute you plan you can save 12! Kids in muddy clothing before church? Well, lets just say this is an ongoing challenge 😉


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