June 2023 CSA Newsletter

Beef Herd headed to Spring Pastures

Good afternoon All! I’m typing this out while watching the breezes blow the grass around, it swirls and waves with different shades of color. The sheep with their lambs are close to the house and every evening there is a party. Running, head butting, scrambling to see who comes out on top. Calving has begun and I’m getting ready to upload a bunch of videos and pictures to Instagram. The cows were moved across the road to the big pastures a few days ago but not before we had two new calves join the troops. They are staying on this side for a few days until they are ready to follow their mothers across the road. Cows do not have great depth of vision and that black paved(ish) road looks intimidating. New calves can come to a complete stop, or try to jump the entire thing and are flabbergasted to find hard ground under their hooves. We try to keep them in a herd as they feel safe and small ones are less likely to bolt under the pressure of ‘new things’.

Want to add any of Douglas’s Sourdough bread, bagels or COOKIES??!! Order deadline is this Thursday evening so he has time to get it all baked, packaged and to us. All ingredients are milled freshly, organic and sourced as locally as he can.  Everything is $9.75 each. These will come frozen and with instructions on how to use for the freshest sourdough!

  • 1.5 lb. North Country Sourdough Boule – Organic Wheat, Rye, Sea Salt
  • 1.5 lb. Ancient Sourdough Boule – Einkorn and Seeds NEW!
  • 1.5 lb. Italian Sourdough Boule – Olives, Lemon Zest & Herbs NEW!
  • 1.5 lb. Beet It! Sourdough Boule – Roasted Beets, Earl Grey & Orange Zest NEW!
  • 1.5 lb. Lumberjane Sourdough Boule – Walnuts, Raisins, Quinoa, Chia Seeds
  • 1.5 lb. Here Comes the Sunflower Boule – Heirloom Corn ( polenta),  Sunflower and Sesame seeds
  • 1.5 lb.  Mexican Sourdough Boule – Chipotle, Ancho, Agave, Cinnamon, and Cloves
  • 1.7 lb. Wheat-Free 7 Grain Loaf – Organic Oats, Sorghum, Millet, Brown Rice, and Teff
  • 2 lb. Sourdough Bagels ( 3 Per bag) – Barley Malt Syrup, Sea Salt, Seeds ( Flax, Sesame, Poppy), Sea Salt
  • 4 Big ( 10oz.) Brown Butter Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Walnuts NEW!

Chicks are already two weeks old…. Which means we need to have their pasture secure from predators ( raccoons, skunk, weasel, owl, and more) in the next two week! A little bit of mix up with our feed company resulted in an unknown recipe for our meat chicks. We are not 100% sure that the feed is soy-free ( it is 100% Organic & GMO Free.)

It looks like our normal feed, it smells like our normal feed…..  Had it tested… but they were unable to do an ingredient verification. It won’t be the end of the world, but I did want to be completely transparent and if you have any allergies to Soy, we still have chicken from last season and we will be happy to load you up!

Chicks on GrassDuring the summer we switch the shipping schedule to accommodate longer working hours and labour shortages (there are only the four of us here running the entire ranch.) Also, with the warmer temps we endeavor to get your meat to you within 1 day, tops of 2 to ensure the meat is nice and cold upon arrival. We would be happy to ship to a neighbor or friend who could take delivery if you are away on May 24th or the next shipping date will be June 13th. 

Every month your invoice will come out on the 21st and this newsletter will be posted on our blog.  I will also email you the link so you don’t miss the news. If the first shipping date doesn’t work for you, just let us know and we can arrange a later ship day. Here is the upcoming schedule!

  • June Shares Shipping; May 23rd OR June 13th  – whichever suits you better
  • July Shares Shipping; July 5th
  • August Shares Shipping; July 25th or August 15th – whichever suits you better
     Share options for this month ( below is an Example share for a Small Beef, Pork & Chicken, your share may be different) are pretty flexible, let us know if you would like to switch out any cuts or need something for a special dinner!
  • Whole Chicken (4-6 lb. each)
  • Ground Beef or Patties ( 1/4# or 1/3#) – Grilling Season!
  • Ground Pork OR Sausage Links ( Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo or Kielbasa)
  • Beef Rib, Ribeye, NY Strip, Filet, T-bone or Porterhouse Steaks
  • Fresh Side Pork OR Smoked Bacon
  • Beef Fajita, Sandwich Steak or Beef Kabob

Our plan is to pack these shares on Saturday and bring them to Albany on Tuesday so they can arrive on Wednesday. Please let us know if you would like your share held until June by Friday!

I going to *try* to share more of our day-to-day life on both Instagram and Facebook, there is so much going on, life is full and hard and good and tiring. Eat well, sleep well, breathe deeply – these moments are fleeting, both good and bad, and to be thankful for it all is the hard/amazing part.




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