Never seen your face.

“I’ve never even seen your face!” – A customer.

That is because I was ashamed. How can I share my passion with you when I’m so clearly not the poster child for healthy living?
I’m smiling here and for the first time ever, comfortable and happy in my own skin. Am I perfect or where I want to be? Nope, but this is a fun and exciting #journey.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the curvy girl, or chubby, etc. Yes, #diets happened. No, none of them were #healthy. Yes, the #weight came back.

Just about gave up. Until a happy “coincidence” happened last December. First, I saw a book at the library called Fat for Fuel by Dr. Mercola and grabbed it. And second, I watched a movie called The Science of Fasting.

I have listened to Satan tell me that in order to become healthy I would have to “diet” forever. Eat bland, cardboard food. Never, ever eat anything tasty or feel full again. Always hollow. And, I listened. ?

Part 2 to follow.


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