Thawing….for Spring?

We are not ready for spring. It isn’t as if we have any choice, but hearing a forecast of mid 50’s for this week isn’t the celebratory moment you would think. Living as far north as we do, you expect a certain amount of cold, snowy days and thus far, this winter has provided in a typical fashion. A relief from those muddy, wet years where even the cows longed for either snow or warm rain to clean their bedraggled coats.

Jack, our moody, brooding Black Mouth Cur. Best known for hunting pigs, but darn good at herding beef, keeping coyotes at bay and getting his share of petting, even if that means blocking your path to do so.

Spent several many, many hours speaking with various farmers or growers this week as we collectively planned our year. Hatcheries, grain growers, our turkey & duck farm, and more. We stretched out the map the encompasses our little terra firma and routed, re-routed and finally settled on the next fencing line. If you compared our plans on how we were going to fence this 200 acres ten years ago and what the actual fence line is today you will see a huge difference. You have to know your ground, every granite outcropping, the way the wind whips across a bluff and provides shelter, or the natural footpaths that create borders for different pastures. This take time. Thankfully, back when we planned picture perfect fences, running at diagonals, chopping the pastures into Kentucky racehorse pastures, we didn’t have money. Hindsight shows the blessing in that.

Came how from church, warmed ourselves with veggie, potato and beef soup, cheese and bread and then bundled up. Moved the beef herd to the new pen to graze the bales that were placed there yesterday? ( I can’t remember now.) Found a brand new calf, born while we were at church, snuggled in one of the loafing sheds. A beautiful strawberry bull ( boy) calf. Cole pulled bedding bales from the barn, Eathon watered the finishing steers while I cut a bale ( or tried to anyway) and John started bedding down all six loafing sheds. After we have finished, tied the dogs and made sure all is secure for the night – we will pop some popcorn and settle in for a movie. Our family just finished watching The Cowboy and the Lady. SO GOOD!

Last, but not least, we celebrated another 16th birthday ( Eathon turned 16 on Feb 1st) and now his cousin Maddie had her turn. A surprise party where she works at a bakery went perfectly, and the shock on her face was priceless. Maddie is a huge blessing to us ( even if she is blushing like mad.)

Happy Birthday Maddie!


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