It is 3am and I am sitting at the computer checking the weather to see what near death experiences we are to endure for the week when a pop-up ad for women’s clothing appears. I click, bringing forth a plethora of tropical colors for swim wear. Now my wife does not look like a toothpick and everyone knows you cannot swim in an eighteen inch deep beaver swamp, so why a swim suit at -25F? To wear as P.J’s! Here is a little background: she wears a lot of black and looks good in it, but to the point I started teasing her about ‘I’m sorry for your loss!’ or “Who’s funeral are you going to today?”

I find some outfits plus some non-mourning style dresses and put them in the cart ( understand it takes weeks to get this done with work schedule and life’s distractions.) We go through them and I, being purely selfish, choose them as they are what I want to look at. The list is complete ( two outfits) and we are ready to order, but there isn’t really any money.

Along comes an opportunity for a side job to make a couple of hundred dollars for two days work which. Completed and paid, ready to order. Time has passed so I ask if the order had been placed,

She said, “No, I ran out of time, busy with work.”

I catch her at the computer typing a blog post later in the week (YEAR). “Did you place the order?” I asked.


I sighed…

Now, there is a batting of eyes and a ‘shrinking violet” withdraw. I reach out my hand to her shoulder to give her shoulder a squeeze of fortification and let her know that “A few outfits will be retired prematurely if the order isn’t placed.”

It takes patience and firmness to deal with a woman that tries not to spend money on herself!!




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