Summer Shipping, Explained

Pretty sure I’ve never told you why we re-worked our summer shipping, so here it goes! You are use to ordering and receiving your meat boxes or cuts within a week or two during the fall, winter and early spring, right? However, in the summer we space deliveries out to around oce, for a couple of reasons.

  1. It keeps your meat frozen! How? We actually drive your boxes from our ranch to Albany where there is a huge UPS hub and it saves an entire day of transit time. Your boxes get dropped off around 5pm and most are being delivered the following day. Pretty sweet!
  2. It condenses our time spent shipping orders to just a few days. We gather your orders, fill the shipping boxes, label and send invoices within a few days each month, which is a major time saver for us during a very busy summer season.
  3. Office work. When it is -30F and blowing snow office work almost seems a pleasure. However, when my gardens are calling me, or getting the chance to help the guys water beef or move them to a new pasture, or checking fence, or any of a million jobs that are required during the summer, it is VERY challenging to make office work a priority.

What amazes me is you guys FILL our truck every month, helping us to pay bills during the summer which are always typically expensive months which the ranch has a lot of expenses as we store up everything for winter.

Man loading u-haul with boxes.




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