What are Snow Days on the Ranch?

Monday had us shipping almost all of the CSA shares out along with the regular orders. Snow started late Tuesday and on and off throughout the rest of the week. With no one coming, a rare thing indeed, Wednesday was a perfect snow day. The guys headed out early, checked on the stock, watered and brought in wood for the cook stove.

I enjoyed the chance to ponder lunch and experiment. Took some of the Lehigh yellow potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, red onions, garlic, kale, bacon and made a hash that we topped with salsa, sour cream and cheese. An episode of Gunsmoke, a nap and then, of course, discussions that invariably revolve around the state of our compost pile, when will we start the first batch of meat chicks, which means an in depth look at the 6 month forecast, and then checking the calendar to see when we will fit in the cross section of fencing, when to let the pigs out into the swamp field and if another hen house will be enough for Cole’s growing layers. We can’t help ourselves.

One VERY exciting announcement by Fertrell is the addition of a soy free protein feed supplement. Chickens and pigs both have different stomachs, and don’t normally eat just grass. Instead, at their healthiest they consume grass, seed heads from the tops of grasses, cereal and grains, insects, roots, etc. Their diet is huge! We made the switch to totally GMO free soy several years ago, but couldn’t find a local substitute for the protein in provides locally, until now. This means that hopefully, this summer all of our meat chickens will be not only GMO free and raised on pasture but also soy free.

John has been without his GoPro ( some defect wouldn’t let it charge, but they are replacing it for free, AWESOME customer service) so he has been using my old iphone 4s for videos. Check out what goes into putting out hay to the beef in winter.

We have over 14 inches of snow on the ground today, which means if we plan on going to church, snow must be cleared to get out. Off we go!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, until next time.


PS – We were famous for a day. At least locally…. our small town paper carried this beautiful picture taken by David and a little blurb.



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