We both just finished the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox 12 day cleanse a few days ago and our thoughts….

Wild Rose Herbal D-tox kit

Ahhh, that little dropper bottle, our LEAST favorite part.

  • Didn’t really feel like it affected us very much. No ‘surge’ of energy, or headaches, or huge withdrawals.
  • If we had still been eating sugar circa just a few years ago, this would have been TOTALLY different. We kicked processed sugar and DID go through some major withdrawals.
  • Learned a bunch of different ways to incorporate more veggies and whole grains into our repertoire. As we are very much a ‘meat & potatoes’ type family this stretched us in a good way!
  •  Was a refresher in staying away from processed foods. It is just so lazy easy grab stuff at the store, making some of these dishes took a bit more time, but honestly tasted way better.


$25 well spent? I don’t think we will do this again but it was a great way to tighten our belts, eat better and try new things!


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