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Just park it for me. Ranch kids get asked to do a ton of things, early. Fetch this, hold this animals head, find baler twine. Use to using all manner of 4 wheel drive equipment, you have to learn a new skill set when you revert back to a two wheel drive van. Cole was… Read More

    Seesawing weather. First cold, then wet and warm. Today, the smells that are muted during winter – scents of moisture, rotting, and decay are in the air as we walk about. Instead of being unpleasant, it shows all the hard work going on. The compost pile steams after a good turning, all those… Read More

January 2017 CSA Newsletter Good afternoon! Snow is falling, we are on the cusp of a new year and we have some exciting news! For this, your second share of the winter season, it is being packing tomorrow ( so please let us know ASAP what you would like) and shipped out Tuesday afternoon via… Read More

Hi Ya’ll, I’m Maddie. I was recently asked by 8 O’ Clock Ranch if I wanted to take on the title of “Social media manager” for their business. My  Aunt was continuously getting busier with other things on the Ranch and decided that it was time to start teaching someone else what she does. My first… Read More

Passing Years It hits me harder with each passing year, or month… or, Ha! – daily. Time is precious and marches on. Do you ever get that sudden feeling of, “What on earth are you doing?”, usually preceded by that extra cookie, ten twenty minutes mindlessly scrolling though FB or just, wasting time. I don’t… Read More

Celebrating a whole new season! For the past twelve years John & I have been renting this farm from his  grandfather, and then after he passed away, his father. This summer we became owners! A HUGE thank you to my father-in-law for his his generosity and generational legacy. John & I knew that eventually a mortgage… Read More

We both just finished the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox 12 day cleanse a few days ago and our thoughts…. Didn’t really feel like it affected us very much. No ‘surge’ of energy, or headaches, or huge withdrawals. If we had still been eating sugar circa just a few years ago, this would have been TOTALLY different. We… Read More

Who becomes contemplative on Thanksgiving? Seems this whole week has found me thinking about all sorts of random events and ideas. Who is your family, your community? What traditions do you hold dear, how do you hygge and the time and effort put into all of them. Realizing that time is finite, you only have so many minutes… Read More

Been craving a melt-in-your-mouth beef roast for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, so, must have you. We had been sold out for some time. Finally, the beautiful roast was mine! I prepped it, let it slow-ish cook throughout the day and sliced it for dinner. Kinda tough, too dry and rather disappointing. Yes, I ruined… Read More

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