Just park it for me.

Ranch kids get asked to do a ton of things, early. Fetch this, hold this animals head, find baler twine.

Use to using all manner of 4 wheel drive equipment, you have to learn a new skill set when you revert back to a two wheel drive van. Cole was commissioned to go park the van after we unloaded a wet bale ( yes, even wet bales are toted around in the van.) But instead, backed it off the driveway.

Cole has been working on his BCS tractor. Specifically, learning how to change the oil. 

After several hours of checking the owners manual he drained the old oil and told his father that he needs some fancy 90 degree angled funnel to get the new oil back in. The impatience of youth took hold. We got around to looking at it later after finishing with other jobs, only to find Cole had managed to fill part of the oil reservoir – through the drain hole… He jacked it up on its side, and then cleverly finagled the funnel into place. Ah, the ingenuity & determination of a desperate man!

Speaking of kids, we have a few new ones on the ranch this week. Our first heifer calf from Lucky, born overnight during the snow and yesterday a new lamb, just born a few hours and already finding his legs. Trouble is never far away, we found this ewe, defying physics. Good news, she is up and walking around.


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