Been craving a melt-in-your-mouth beef roast for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, so, must have you. We had been sold out for some time. Finally, the beautiful roast was mine! I prepped it, let it slow-ish cook throughout the day and sliced it for dinner. Kinda tough, too dry and rather disappointing.

Yes, I ruined it.

Too much heat, too fast. Dry’s them out every time. You would think that I would have this figured out by now. Low and slow wins the game every time.

Oh well, today I am trying to salvage my leftover roast and potatoes. Dice a few more veggies, add some noodles perhaps, a sprig of something green. Make some drop biscuits and ward away the chill of yet another snowy spring day.

Cole's Snow Pile

Cole’s Snow Pile


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