February 2023 CSA Newsletter

Not quite February, but the days seem to be slipping through our fingers. Somehow, in the midst of snow storms where days disappear, the sun has started to rise a little earlier. Delivery days locally use to be in the dark and now the pinky warmth of the rising sun comes midway through.

Meat Chicks settling in.

Was chatting with some friends a few days ago about their summer plans ( gardens, laying hens, meat chickens & more) and realizing we are;

  • 49 days until Lambing begins
  • 70 days till our Laying hens arrive
  • 102 days and the Fluffy Meat Chicks arrive
  • 115 days till ALL the animals get to go back out onto pasture again!!

Beef herd on fall grasses

Spent the last few days nailing down our schedule for Summer shipping and we have added a extra day, which should make it a bit easier for everyone to find delivery dates that work for you over the summer. Will share these dates in the upcoming newsletters.

If you are extra busy in the summer, or eating more from you garden, please contact us ( by email) that you would like to pause your share. Happy to do so and when you are ready again, we can resume. Alternately, if you are planning a birthday party, or special cook-out and want an extra large order – let us know! We can add this on to your share for you with the benefit of free shipping.

Schultz & Kramer, guard dogs and goofballs.

What would we do without our working guys? They helped us gather up our beef to do some sorting, on guard keeping coyotes, wolves, bobcat, owls, weasels, skunks, porcupines, and snakes at bay. When they are not doing that, they are generally looking for treats from the poor mailman, UPS driver and every customer who stops in. This summer we are looking for another helper to join this crew. Schulz is aging gracefully and Kramer is at his prime, so adding a puppy for them to help us train up should hopefully be perfect timing. Stay tuned!

Each month your invoice will be sent out on the 21st and this newsletter will be posted on our blog.  I will also email you the link so you don’t miss  news from the ranch, share options and any other odds and ends. If the first shipping date doesn’t work for you, just let us know and we can save it to ship later. Here is the upcoming schedule! 

  • February Shares Shipping; January 31st
  • March Shares Shipping; March 7th
     Share options for this month ( below is an example share for a Small Beef, Pork & Chicken, your share may be different) are pretty flexible, let us know if you would like to switch out any cuts or need something for a special dinner!
  • Whole Chicken or Spatchcock/Butterflied Chicken (4-6 lb.)
  • Ground Beef
  • Ground Pork, Pork Stew or Kabob
  • Beef Short Ribs or Osso Bucco
  • Berkshire Pork Chops, Bone-in or Boneless
  • Dry-Aged Rib, NY Strip, or T-bone Steak
  • Flank, Flat Iron or Skirt Steak OR extra (2) Ground beef or Pork sausages

I’m looking out the window of my new desk set-up in the warm livingroom of the farmhouse. The office has so many people coming and going that ‘quiet’ isn’t really found. John put together a desk that fit so nicely, with a comfy chair and it makes it loads easier to write in peace. Hoping to start sharing a bit more of  life, both personally and ranch. Until then, enjoy this newsletter and we hope you have a wonderful remainder of January and February!




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