Totally missed last weeks letter to you. Sunday was a blip on the radar…. soup made, off to church, back home for soup, bread and cheese and then off to see a niece practice her figure skating, back home, checked the animals, let the dogs run and back to feed the stoves. A week has flown bye since then, bursting with hard work, good conversations, plans and more. Chickens, pheasants, duck, turkeys and geese are the topics this month. Prep for lambing is almost complete so the next project is our summer poultry. We only raise poultry in the summer, for many reasons, but primarily – grass.

One of the funny things about starting any project is money. You never seem to have enough. When we first started out,  it was just us two newlyweds which soon became three as Eathon came along. We had an old Ford F350 dump truck. It ran for groceries or loads of gravel & hay and even carried me to the hospital in a very bouncy ( that thing had SPRINGS) ride for the birth of Cole. The one thing it didn’t have? Four seats. Now, we had begun our little adventure and as many will tell you, money was wrapped up in it. We lived ‘customer to customer’ and never knew if we would have enough money. We got by for a little while with the truck and then had to make some tough decisions. As we were running farther and farther ( delivering orders, picking up finished meat) the that truck loved its fuel was sold – that money was invested again into the ranch. For the next 18 months we lived vehicle-less, instead renting from Enterprise. Their weekend deal of $9.99/day for 3 days & unlimited miles came to a very tidy $34. Even if we needed a rental every weekend, it was less money than a vehicle loan. Everything got packed into those three days – pickups, deliveries, groceries, church, well visits for the kids.  Imagine the faces of our Tri-Town crew, when every week this little family pulls in in yet another different late model vehicle. They soon caught on and had a good old time ribbing us. They piled dinky Neons, minivans and sporty Challengers chock full of boxes of meat and we headed off, tires a little more squished.

I miss that old truck. It had a seat that let me slide up close to the Shepherd.


Time for me to sign off. It is Super Bowl Sunday after all…. I think we may be watching Jane Eyre. Unless it has the Steelers in it, doesn’t seem to tempt my guys. Hope you all have a great day!




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